Blazor Authentication with Auth0

Blazor + Auth0 = ❤️
  1. Blazor Authentication with Auth0 (this one)
  2. Blazor Authorization with Auth0
  3. Blazor With Auth0, using the Management API
  • How to authenticate your users with Auth0
  • Login with a social provider (Google in this case)
  • Protect your Blazor Client
  • Protect your REST API
  • Connect the authentication flow between the Client and the Server.
  • .NET 6
  • Blazor Web Assembly (WASM)
  • Auth0
  • As a customer I want to see weatherforecasts.
  • As an administrator I want to add new forecasts.

What is Role Based Access Control (RBAC)?

How can Auth0 help us?

dotnet new blazorwasm -o WeatherStation --hosted

Registering the Blazor WASM App with Auth0

  1. Click the Create Application button.
  2. Provide a friendly name for your application (Weather Station Client) and select Single Page Web Applications as the application type.
  3. Finally, click the Create button.
  4. Move to the Settings Tab
  5. In the Allowed Callback URLs paste in the following link: https://localhost:5001/authentication/login-callback
  6. In the Allowed Logout URLs paste in the following link: https://localhost:5001

Configure your Blazor app for Authentication

dotnet add package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.WebAssembly.Authentication

Adjust the UI of your Blazor app

Not authorized Page

Registering the API with Auth0

  1. Click the Create API button.
  2. Provide a friendly name for your API (for example, Weather Station API) and a unique identifier (also known as audience) in the URL format (for example,
  3. Leave the signing algorithm to RS256 and click the Create button.
dotnet add package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.JwtBearer

Calling the Protected API

dotnet add package Microsoft.Extensions.Http




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Benjamin Vertonghen

Turning coffee into code.

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